Sunday, November 18, 2007

Radio Ad for the Legislative Organization Day 2007

I won't take credit for writing this one alone. Team effort this time,


Libertarians say " its time to put up or shut up. "

Once again, high property taxes are hurting hardworking Hoosier families -- many are losing homes to foreclosure. Year after year the Old Parties have known this was coming. Yet they did nothing to deal with the root cause of the problem ----their own excessive spending.

The Libertarian Party has been preaching the solution for years...

Instead of pretending to fix the property tax ----Cut Spending

Instead of raising the sales tax -----Cut Spending

Instead of raising the income tax ------Cut spending

Instead of creating new categories to tax, or shuffling the tax burden from one pocket to another ------Cut Spending

Hoosiers know that no matter which combination of taxes are paid, wasteful spending is the real problem.

The Indiana Legislature once again is getting ready to confront their property tax disaster.
Libertarians ask Hoosiers to challenge the Indiana Legislature to "put up or shut up." Contact your legislator and tell them to cut the spending!

Paid for by the Libertarian Party of Indiana

Radio Ad for the 2007 city elections

I wrote the following for the LP 2007 city races. It ran on two stations in Indy and then also in Wayne county. Kenn Gividen edited and offered suggestions.


Moms and Dads tell me they have concerns — concerns about Republicans and Democrats; they’re hurting hardworking families with high property taxes. Families are losing homes to foreclosure; some are dipping into college savings just to make ends meet.

Property Taxes are bad enough but now the politicians are talking about a mix of property taxes and payroll taxes. What this means to you is that instead of the politicians taking money from your kids's college fund, it will come directly from your paycheck... before you even see it.

Libertarians aren't like the big political parties. Libertarians believe that's wrong. Libertarians care about families.

Libertarians know that mixing property taxes and payroll taxes will hurt families.

Libertarians in office don’t vote for tax increases and will vote for spending decreases .

Tell the politicians that their wasteful spending is the real problem. Vote Libertarian November 6th.

Paid for by the Libertarian Party of Indiana