Sunday, March 15, 2009

A letter to the editor submission on 3/12/09

To paraphrase an old UAW saying, "borrow a book and put a bookseller out of business."

I read most of the warm and touchy-feely article about how wonderful the county library is and how great to be able to get free entertainment in such terrible economic times.

I remember when Greenfield alone had two movie rental business's run by local folks. Both went out of business within a few years of the old, new library opening with expanded video offerings. We now have a bigger and better and more expanded new new library with even more video offerings. Didn't I read just a week or so ago where Blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy? Did Hancock County cause that national chain to head south? No, but even the most diehard tax and spend socialist amongst you has to see a pattern there. I've also been around long enough to remember two bookstores trying to make a run at it and failing (locally owned, by the way). Now there is a third that may be having a tough time.

The overriding argument in celebrating public libraries is the educational opportunities for the kids. Maybe I didn't wade quite far enough into the 2nd page but I saw nothing about education. Only entertainment with my tax dollars.

By the way, did you hear that Borders Bookstores are also looking into bankruptcy?