Sunday, September 20, 2009

Submitted 9/11/09

Ever since the day after the Hancock County Council agreed to the new food and beverage tax that helped pay for the Marion County CIB salaries, they've continually proclaimed that no new taxes will ever be enacted on their watch. Obviously, they realize that by cutting back dramatically on public safety payments someone will have to pick up the slack. The townships will now have to enact new, or raise current taxes to pay the bill. Pretty good thinking for a bunch of entrenched politicians. They are hoping you don't connect the dots to see that they are willing to cut payments for public safety while still paying the big business tax that supports the Hancock Economic Development Council.

The flip side, of course is that there is no right to free healthcare, regardless of what the current president says. I see lots of ambulances sitting west of town and that private enterprise could just as easily pick up the slack with no taxpayer funds involved.

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