Sunday, March 21, 2010

This one was because of You

The assumption is that the Health Care bill will pass tonite and it was inevitble. It was inevitable when You decided that zoning was legal and the court system didn't stand in your way. It was inevitable when YOU let the government decide to nation build around the world. It was inevitable when You decided marijuana was something worth putting people in jail for.

When You decide that something blantantly unconstitutional is a good thing to do and the pandering politicians and the activist judges throw out the book (yes, maybe in Your favor), You also gave the other side permission to get thier way when the pendulam swings.

Many of you will blame the Liberal Democrats for this. Nope... it was also You.

This particular bill was purchased with the promise of earmarks (now or down the road) and that was OK'd by You, too many years ago. Additionally there was the executive order banning funds for abortions. Read the history of how easy it is to write and then walk away from an executive order. You've let them get away with that, too.

I hope you enjoy what You started.

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