Sunday, January 8, 2012

"You have the right do do anything you choose to do,..." (and then comes the Big Lie) "absolutely."

Tuesday's Letter to the Editor on smoking was honest, to the point and I really don't think anyone in the state of Indiana would have any reason to disagree with it... until we get to the Big Lie. I'm not criticizing the writer of this particular letter. The philosophy of government by fad has permeated society in that a majority of citizens can now take away the rights of a minority, purely by an act of bullying.

Proof is offered by the actions of Greenfields City Council several years ago. When discussions were had, the pro smoke side (I am a non smoking member and I was there) offered to declare privately owned businesses as smoke friendly establishments and to put up signs denoting this fact. The business owners were willing to give their customers the liberty of a choice at the door. City Council took that liberty away.

The Big Lie took away the choice of services that local businessmen were allowed to offer. There is a substantial number of people that prefer to have a cigarette or cigar with their meal.

The business owners were willing to forbid children in the establishment, thereby protecting the health of those not of age.

The pro smoke side was willing to have employees sign an agreement, that in order to work there, said they were willing to work in a smoking environment and knew the hazards. Employees were to be given the liberty of a choice, which would have worked out well for those employees that are now relegated to standing outside in the cold Indiana weather and suffering the glares of the empowered non smokers.

The Big Lie was a contributing factor that took money away in tips and in hourly wage from the employees that worked at Zoobies and Annie's until both stores eventually closed. You may argue this point but keep in mind that these were the two restaurants in town that spoke most vocally against the new law. Businessmen usually know what is best for their business.

What it boiled down to was people willing to set fire to the Constitution of the United States to get their wishes, regardless of others rights.

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